sarbanes-oxley email archiving

So, has anyone used the GFI email archiver for exchange server? Does
anyone have thoughts as to other software that is similar to this
product? What about software for linux email archiving? We are
starting to look at this for some clients and thought the NANOGers might
have some input. Feel free to email me off-list.

Mike Walter, MCP
PCD Network Solutions, Inc. a PCD Company

Email archiving is starting to become a FAQ on most mailserver lists
(exchange, sendmail, whatever) - so you may want to google the
archives of those, and then post there instead of nanog for more

What's interesting is that many large corporations are still hodling small
'email quotas' on their employees, despite hving strict 'records
management' policies (in place due to sox)... Wow, I'd hate to have to go
to court and answer: "Duh, someone deleted that set of messages so they
could accep tht elatest 50mb ppt file about product Z, doh!"