Safe IPv4 Was: Re: IP address rental

Neither can I, but that may not mean much. Perhaps someone else can
validate that they're reputable and can execute a transaction end to end?

If you need IPv4 addresses for your network:

1. Make sure you have an IPV6 allocation from your favorite RIR and are
using it
2. Apply for and receive a last /22 from RIPE. EVERYONE can do this.
3. Contact a reputable broker.

The ones I have experience with (Alphabetical):

    A. Peter Thimmesch at Addrex
    B. Amy Cooper at Hilco Streambank
    C. Mike Burns at

ARIN also publishes a list (which is not a requirement to be able to
transact or support transfers):

Network operators have many choices for answering their IP numbering needs
these days. Including IPv6.

Sorry to be a broken record on this topic, but it seems to come up a lot.
And if you search the archives I'll suspect you'll find something similar
to this a few time now.

An educated network operator is the best kind. That's why we are here.

YMMV and Best,


Not quite everyone. You have to be a RIPE NCC member, which not everyone
can do.

"Who can become a Local Internet Registry (LIR)/RIPE NCC member?

    Any organisation with a legally established office in the RIPE NCC
    service region can become a member of the RIPE NCC."


The emails I've seen are looking to rent FROM us, not TO us. I've received an email to every one of our ARIN POCs so I assumed they were scraping whois data and marked it all as spam.


Well, since someone is listing wholesalers of IPV4 space. I never grabbed
any list to spam rental space offers that we have available....but since
all the large competitors are mentioned in your thread here.

There is a lot of information on a site I maintain,

It has some good tech information, for those unfamiliar with routing
blocks where they can learn more about the IP shortage logistics and how
router table limits are effected.

Thank You
Bob Evans

If you did have excess v4 space, IMHO you'd be better off selling
purchase/transfer first right of refusal over the risk of rental and
scorched earth. YMMV here, zero experience in rentals, but I can imagine.



I believe it is a safe assumption that requests to rent IP space received as spam (scraped and abused whois data) is for spamming. If you were to give these guys your space, you will likely find your space blacklisted on every imaginable service. And then you will find that the check bounced. And the company will turn out not to exist if you try to sue for your loss.

We also receive these requests regularly. There is probably a very good reason these people do not just use the official brokers to buy some space like the rest of us.

Not that it matters to me - we are a young expanding ISP so we are buying not selling.



I'm not sure this applies to the situation we're discussing. For example, a
US based corporation can apply and will receive an allocation of a /22 from
the RIPE last /8. I believe they do become an LIR. That does not require an
EU subsidiary or physical office. This is "good" for a variety of reasons
including providing for need and rushing towards exhaustion. This isn't
surreptitious. It is within policy.



Very strange. Everytime it was open for all companies need IP network
will be used in RIPE region. Not for those having (any? main? branch?
legal address?) office in the RIPE region.

And it is still possible to open a RIPE LIR for offshore companies like
BVI, Belize, Seychelles without any questions.