Sabotage not backhoes: More cable cuts

Someone climbed a 15-foot tower in Southern Arizona cutting a fiber optic
cable used by Broadwing and Tucson Electric Power. This was within five
feet of the 138,000-volt power line. The site was also guarded by barbed

This is not your typical backhoe.

Rural areas have long dealt with the occasional shotgun damaged cable or
microwave horn; or the farmer burying the dead cow in the back pasture.
But I don't recall two reported acts of sabotage in less than 30 days

Is there *anyone* systematically looking at the impact of physical
security on network links and datacenters?

A lot of people make noise about it, but I haven't seen any
changes even since 9/11 which would make penetration exercises
any less likely to succeed (and, presumably, actual hostile
activity were there to be such).

-george william herbert