Ryan Air mailops contact please?

Some of our users (on a large Irish webmail domain) are complaining
that they're not getting email from you.

As far as I can tell we're not blocking any email at all from you gentlemen

I'd appreciate a mailops contact from Ryan Air hitting me offlist and
helping me troubleshoot this from your end.

I'm wondering what an Irish webhosting firm having trouble with a British
cut-rate airlines sending e-mail has to do with "North American Network
Operations?" . . . .

On the NANOG "is it operational?" sniff test, I'd grade this one a straight

Jay Stewart

P.S., as for the Post Script, I give it a "B-", because it's truly funny.
However, I don't know where you live Suresh, but I'm sure that the pixelated
genitalia make this one about as "work safe" as any of the stuff that gets
talked about at the "proverbial water cooler", or jokes with endless
forwarded attributions e-mailed in droves at any large workplace within two
thousand kilometers of around here. . . .