RPSL Transition

A reminder for users of the RADB database service: at 12:00:00 a.m. EDT
on November 1, 1999, the whois.radb.net and auto-dbm@radb.net services
will default to the Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) database.
This means that whois queries to whois.radb.net after November 1 will
return RPSL objects.

RIPE-181 queries will still be possible after November 1 via whois queries
to whois-ripe181.radb.net. However, you will need to *RECONFIGURE* your
tools to explicitly query whois-ripe181.radb.net and send RIPE-181
submissions to auto-ripe181.radb.net.

RIPE-181 submissions made between 11/1/1999 and 1/1/2000 will be visible
on whois.radb.net as RIPE-181 objects converted to RPSL. The objects will
be converted every five minutes from the whois-ripe181.radb.net database.
Availability of the database in both syntax languages will ease the
transition to RPSL by allowing users to view RIPE-181 objects converted to

After January 1, 2000, RIPE-181 object submissions will no longer be

Here is the full transition schedule:

        ---- ------
        9/1/1999 RADB begins production RPSL service
                                and enters the final stage of RPSL
                                transition. RPSL queries are available
                                from whois-rpsl.radb.net and submissions
                                may be sent to auto-rpsl@radb.net.
                                RIPE-181 and RPSL databases
                                operate in parallel.
                                whois.radb.net and auto-dbm@radb.net
                                default to RIPE-181.
        11/1/1999 Default whois.radb.net and
                                auto-dbm@radb.net addresses change to
                                RPSL database. RIPE-181 queries still
                                possible via whois-ripe181.radb.net and
                                RIPE-181 submissions still possible via
                                email to auto-ripe181@radb.net.
        auto-ripe181@radb.net submissions will
                                be auto-converted to RPSL and mirrored
                                to the RPSL database every 5 minutes.
                                Therefore, auto-converted RIPE-181
                                submissions will be visible on
                                whois.radb.net and corresponding RPSL
                                entries may be overwritten.
        1/1/2000 RIPE-181 queries and submissions are no
                                longer accepted and the RADB RPSL
                                transition is complete.

RADB users can query RPSL objects by issuing the following query:

                whois -h whois-rpsl.radb.net

Objects may be submitted by sending mail to:


Users may also use the Web-based GUI interface at:


RPSL RFCs and Internet-Drafts are available through:


Comments or questions about the transition are welcome; please send email
to db-admin@radb.net.

--Gerald Winters
  Merit IRRd Team