RPSL announcement text

Hmm, who was this clueless manager who decided to do such things in the 1-th
of January. I guess the programmers over the world will be very busy during
january looking for the hidden Y2K bugs and fixing it, and why RADB decided
to add some more troubles just in this days? Why don't wait until, at least,
February? What terrible happen if this changes will be delayed a little?

One way or another, the old routing description language will stop working
at the end of this century. The syntax doesn't include four-digit years or
a rollover of two digit years. Merit could terminate support sooner, but
they can't really extend it.

Although there have been several announcements about the end of life for
ripe-181, and everyone should have switched by now, I'm sure someone will
not update their procedures until after it breaks. Should Merit have "broken"
them on December 1 instead of January 1? I don't know. I guess it goes
under the saying, no good deed goes unpunished. Hopefully most of those
users broke already when Merit changed the default on the servers, and have
used the last couple of months to update their procedures.

Of course those networks which have never used a routing database will say,
Nah, Nah, I told you so.