RPKI validation, BGP/allocation lookup UI and API


The RIPE NCC RPKI Validator historically offered a very complete toolset. One feature that has proven to be a useful troubleshooting tool was the “BGP Preview” [1], letting you compare validated ROA payloads against announcements seen by the RIS route collectors.

With the RIPE NCC Validator discontinued, over the last couple of months we’ve been working on replicating this functionality and attempted to improve upon it in several ways.

A preview is now available here:




In addition to validating an IP prefix/ASN combination, you can:

- automatically lookup the validation ASN in BGP announcements for a specific prefix.
- see prefixes that are allocated to the same organisation by an RIR and their RPKI validation status based on BGP announcements or a user supplied ASN.

This functionality is backed by an external, public API that hosts the allocations and BGP origin ASes:




The open source repositories involved are:

GitHub - NLnetLabs/roto-api (the API service)
GitHub - NLnetLabs/rotonda-store: IP prefixes storage and retrieval (the in-memory prefix-based database)

We will be working towards stabilising the API and the UI in the coming months. We look forward to your feedback, which we’re collecting here:



[1] RPKI Validator - Quick Overview of BGP Origin Validation