RPKI chain of trust

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I have a doubt about RPKI chain of trust. The 5 RIRs hold a self-signed root certificate for all the resources they have in the registry. The root certificate is used to sign the LIR’s certificates that lists LIR’s resources. LIRs use their private key to sign ROAs. LIR’s public key is used to verify ROAs signatures and RIRs public key is used to verify LIR’s signatures.

Is this correct?

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Perhaps this clarifies things:


As well as this section:




Hi Alex,
thank you. I read that documentation and I was reading this one from page 201:

It seems that RIRs have a self-signed root certificate. They use this certificate to sign LIR’s certificates and LIR’s private key is used to sign ROAs. I am not very sure about the use of public keys.


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