Routing Tutorial - Just Wondering

> Is there anything you'd like the InterNIC to speak on? If so, let

  Maybe speak on the future of IPs... Let ISPs know why they NEED to

> > If there were to be a two day routing/peering tutorial for sysadmins here
> > in D.C. With say, a twelve router MAE model, a frame relay simulator,
> > presentations by a couple of smaller "big" guys (i.e. not MCI, Sprint, or
> > UUnet, etc...), how many would be interested? Oh yeah, free (lunch included).

  Sounds cool. I would like to go, even us from the old west. Why not do
it with Nanog...

Christian Nielsen

  I went to NANOG meeting in Wash. DC a couple of weeks ago .
  It didn't specifically address these issues , but there
  was a presentation with following in-depth :slight_smile: class on
  peering with RS at MAEs/NAPs.Also lots of interesting stuff
  were delivered by Merit ppl ( such as BGP peering stats etc).
  The whole thing in general was very useful.