Routing registry was Re: Sprint BGP filters in 207.x.x.x?

The large scale provider MichNet uses is MCI and they are required
to cooperate with the RA and others. This is in their contract. I suspect
that something similar might be in some of the other contracts of providers
that provide service to networks that received funding from NSF for
Interregional Connectivity. People might want to go read the fine
print in their contracts.
   -Jeff Ogden

Good point Jeff. Sprint did get SOME inter regional connectivity money.
For that they supposedly had to connect to ALL the NAPs (besides their
own). they were supposed to make the connections a year ago. They were
what 6 to 9 months late in connecting to Pac bell nap?

So if they were supposed to use the services of the routing arbiter and
appear to have renigged on this, what can anyone do?? Are they determined
to make it painfully obvious for all to see that there are no enforcement
teeth left at the NSF?

Of course sprint is running a nap too. i understand that their position
is that the NAP is full. They have a BUNCH of people trying to get into
the NAP who are complaining to me that they get no answqers from sprint
as to when that will be possible.