Routing issues Washington DC area

Depech Mode - Policy of Truth.

Well, thanks for the update, but I certainly hope that
this "incident" doesn't get glossed over, euphemized, or
simply down-played into non-existence like the Network
Solutions problems (earlier) did. I'm still waiting for
a rational explanation for that one, and all I've seen is
bullsh#t. I won't settle for ludicrous euphemisms of what
really happened. Nor should any rational, technically
inclined engineer.

These problems need to be identified, examined technically,
and then, perhaps, we can revisit the technical issues
which affect all of us.

Having said that, this appeared to clearly be more than
a simple "glitch" -- and I'd like to see it explained in the
sprirt of truthfulness, openess, and the Tao of the 'net.
We can't shadow-dance with half-truths, but we can fix real
problems when they are acknowledged.

Personally, I'm kind of feeling like a mushroom right now --
fed a bunch of sh#t and kept in the dark.

- ferg

Everything is back up now. Guess it was a router glitch somewhere to
compliment Google's DNS issue.