RouteScience experience?

Anyone have any real-life experience with RouteScience's PathControl (5014
to be exact)?

I've been evaluating Sockeye's GlobalRoute and will be looking at
PathControl later this week. Looking for any feedback, thanks.

Sockeye, netVMG are now part of Internap ..
I think RouteScience is going to get a really good run for its money since
the only other comparable competitors are now part of Internap.

I have a friend who uses netVMG and has nothing but high praise for them and
I also believe they also offer a lease package to keep the start-up costs

No experience with Sockeye but I hope this helps.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

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We use RouteScience (a 5014) for path optimization and load balancing both inbound and outbound traffic. Was there anything specific that you were looking for?

I have been pleased with the results for what we have used it for. I particularly use the amount of statistics it provides us for performance of the network. I only did a paper comparison to Sockeye, but I understand its similar.

Can anyone throw some light on using distribute list in particular on a