routes to hit 50,000 soon? or filter AS 7007....

Are your nameservers in the first class C of your CIDR block by any
chance??? They have been taking CIDR blocks and squirting out
Class C equivilents.

Sadly, many poeple (including me) think, oooh, nice big CDIR block lets
put all my important boxes in it's first Class C... Seems to be a
very bad descision ;-(

And, because of the way you get CIDR allocations in Europe (and probably
everywhere else now)
  Join RIPE
  Apply for space for your own network
  This gets allocated from the beginning of a new /19 CIDR block
  Build NOC and 1st POP
  Then start applying-for/allocating customer address space

I would imagine a very large proportion of "newer" ISPs have critical stuff
in the 1st /24 of their 1st allocation ...