Routers vs. PC's for routing - was list problems?

> EIDE-based flash drives have become very inexpensive. Some
> embedded systems use CompactFlash boards.

Can you set flash drives to be write-only? Sorry if this is a basic
question, but the only EIDE mass-storage devices I've used are more
traditional drives.

Write only? Sure, that's been around since at least 1972!

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If you mean READ only, some of Sandisk's products (not their normal consumer
grade Compact Flash disks) have a read only mode. Some of which even have a
mode where you can blow a fuse inside the chip with a special instruction,
and make it read-only forever.

Someone else made a solid state flash based IDE compatible drive, too, that
had an option for "write once" per sector (yet could be all blanked using
another special command). I know they wrote a module for OS9 to support it
using its native filesystem (most FS's don't like being unable to write to
whatever they want, whenever they want). It may have been Atmel.

-- Kevin