Router with 2 (or more) interfaces in same network


This topic was discussed about a month ago, but I just found this mail list while doing a search. I have the same question that was discussed before. However, this is the first router I have ever set up, so I could be completely wrong about how I am doing things, but I’ll explain to the best of my ability.

I am setting up a router/firewall (Nokia IP380). For redundancy, I want 2 interfaces on the same subnet. The IP380 will be connecting to a pair of routing switches which are running VRRP. I am trying to use static routes, due to the fact that network topology will not be changing outside of hardware failure, and to keep speed as high as possible. How can I set up static routing to the virtual router if I can’t have a second interface on the same subnet to pick up the floating IP address in case the VRRP master fails? Am I misunderstanding VRRP here? If anyone can give me some helpful hints, I would appreciate it.



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