router syn/syn-ack/ack alarming...

> > have something in their logs like SYN/ACK RATIO 33:1 POSSIBLE HACKER
> > ATTACK which will make them sit up and take notice.
> I don't see how in reality to make the syn/syn-ack/ack ratio work soundly.
> It seems too easy for the cracker to synthesize bogus syn-ack's or ack's to
> manipulate the ratio however they please.

Wouldn't the ratio be calculated from outgoing SYN's and incoming ACK's?
I can see that a sophisticated attacker could have a machine on another
network sending incoming ACK's to balance the outgoing SYN's but I suspect
this would be an extremely small percentage of attacks.

Until someone implements this as a feature, then 2600 will post the code
to a program that sends SYNs followed by ACKs a minute later. The damage
would be done by then, but the stats would show balanced flows.

Larry Plato