Router/switch vendor recommendations? off-list replies fine

I'm trying to find versatile vendors that can handle a variety of features that meet my needs for several projects. Honestly, the projects aren't that big, but I'd like certain versatility with them, and having trouble finding the right vendors. Perhaps it's just my engineering that is flawed.

Suscriber management (both a redundant and non-redundant unit)
- PPPoE (4/6)
- DHCP (4/6)
- IPv6 support for both with reasonable management plans
- option 82 (DHCPv6 have an equiv option?)
- backend support for DHCP (preferably both radius and DHCP)
- q-in-q L3 termination w/ proxy-arp support
- LAG for at least 2 Gig-E
- line rate L3 speeds
- support for OC3 SONET a plus
- support for OC3 ATM with RBE type setup a plus
- isis (4/6) multi-topology
- BGP4 (4/6) NSR a plus

L2 Switch (redundant)
- LAG (40Gig+ ring)
- Line rate
- 8100 in 8100 (simple q-in-q)
- ability to take untagged traffic on port and arbitrarily provide it double tags (one to send across network, and the inner to drop on a trunk to an aggregation site for customer) Basic q-in-q but customer doesn't have ability to assign vlan on their side.
- standard guards for spanning tree, dhcp, IPv6 etc.
- rj45 10/100, mm-fx 100, sm-fx 100/1000

CPE switch (for customer who can't terminate fiber or for extending our testing demarc)
-1 to 2 rj45 100/1000
-1 to 2 sm-fx 100/1000
-inexpensive, small