Router for a file hosting service

Hi all,

I've been banging my head for a while and finally decided to ask for a
recommendation for a router for a somewhat weird situation.

What we currently have is a number of 10G ethernet ports to one carrier,
just switches and nothing more, the carrier is the gw for all the
servers we have (everything is one big VLAN).

What I need is something that can handle something like 24 10gbit ports
- 10-12 to switches with the serving equipment (each one of them pushing
around 8-9Gbit) and on the other side connected to a few ISPs, some of
them with full tables, some of them just peering, and to push the
80-100Gbps around.
(all traffic is TCP, live data says 8.4Gbps is around 1mpps)

Now this seems pretty straightforward, but there's a twist. Because of
the nature of the app we need to be able to do some policy routing - the
devices on the back should be able to set something in the packet (like
the ToS field), and the outbound route preference to be picked based on
that. We'll also need to push to the routes some idea on what to prefer
for specific destinations (because we have some pretty good metrics on
the backend on the packet loss to each destination).
There's also the small issue of scrubbing the packets of the marker I've
set on the backend, not to leak it, because it seems some people tend to
do weird stuff with prioritization because of it (we had one case with
BT, i think).
Doing these two issues at wire speed doesn't seem to be covered in the
documentation, or at least in what I found.

We've looked into cisco 7609 for this, but I've already read enough on
this list that made me a bit wary of it (and after all the reading I'm
still not sure how well would it handle the policy routing issue and the
rest of the nasty things we're planning for it.

Any ideas or pointers?

Sounds like a Juniper MX480 would be a good fit for what you are trying to do. It should support the port densities you are looking for, plus you can group several interfaces into common bridge groups. Furthermore, you should be able to support full-route tables, perform Filter-Based Forwarding for policy routing, classification, queuing, re-marking, etc. all at line-rate, or pretty darn close.

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