Router crash unplugs 1m Swedish Internet users

Has anyone heard what the cause of the outage was?

Router crash unplugs 1m Swedish Internet users
Saturday, 21 June 2003

The breakdown of one of Sweden's main Internet routers in Stockholmon
today unplugged more than 1 million of its Internet subscribers.

Reports says in total over 340,000 broadband and 700,000 dial-up customers
across the country were affected by the incident.

The router failure might also have caused disruptions to other Internet
subscribers, who use the services of providers operating on the Telia

The official story was memory fault of some kind, not specified as being
corruption, hardware error, fragmentation or something else. Outage was 3
hours and reports have been posted stating that it not only affected their
broadband business but also their company/commercial customers.

No further details have been released to the swedish ISP community anyway,
it's likely that they're still investigating and might or might not
release further details.

I'm also curious. was offline??

Has anyone heard what the cause of the outage was?

Mikael wrote about memory shortage. I have heard the same -- though
not from press contacts but from staff. It was worded (but in
swedish, so bear with my translation): "The official reason is
'memory shortage'. I do believe it is correct."

There have been words in the grapevine about not going for full memory on
line cards and RP, for "optimisation reasons". Sounds like a fine recipe
for promoting cascading failures from a fragile base config.