route-views3 resource update

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route-views3 was, until yesterday, a Cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G2) 1GB.
route-views3 is now a Redhat 6 box running Quagga
This change was made due to memory exhaustion on the older hardware.
Quagga provides a similar but less powerful CLI.

The new platform has allowed us to resume data collection on
route-views3. The data format is the same as
most of our other collectors. route-views3 is a multi-hop
ebgp collector located at the University of Oregon.
The resources available are:

CLI -- telnet://
DATA -- {http,ftp,rsync}://

ex. rsync --list-only
ex. rsync -av .
ex. rsync -av .

Please be aware that the older route-views3 data still resides at
the higher level within that data directory. New data is being
stored in the bgpdata directory. The older data was captured using
the Cisco hardware and expect session scripts.

Questions and comments are welcome. We do intend to retain
the Cisco CLI on the original route-views router for the
forseeable future.