route-views now present at NSPIXPII


        route-views (AS6447) is pleased to announce our presence
        at NSPIXPII (, courtesy of Akira Kato and

        The route-views project operates BGP route collectors
        that provide global routing data to both operator and
        research communities. Our web pages (
        can provide further background on the route-views
        project, the services we provide, and some of the
        research that has been based on the data collected.

        route-views is interested in local BGP peering
        (non-multi-hop, or so-called) with all of the ASes
        present at NSPIXPII. Those who would like more
        information or are willing to provide their view of the
        global routing table, please contact us at

        Note that we do not announce any prefixes or use any
        received prefixes to route traffic; this is purely a data
        collection effort and looking glass-like operational tool
        (via telnet to a cisco-like user interface).


        The route-views staff