route policy (Re: Public shaming list for ISPs announcing other ISPs IP space by mistake)

I'm not sure I follow.

I agreed with you.

Many of these aliens are in fact registered in
RADB, so AFAICS, there that is no reason for them to be registered in

On the other hand, some want to register them in RIPE DB because some
operators just want to use RIPE DB e.g. for data consistency etc.
reasons. But putting data without practically any authorization in
RIPE DB doesn't seem to be a useful model in the long run.

As the reason they should not be in RIPE is RIPE doesn't hold the
ownership data I suggested they move to a RIPE alike
which does hold their ownership, afaik RADB doesn't

Seems pretty simple, RIPE delegates the space and maintains owners so
is a natural place for their owner to record their allowed use. So ARIN
and others need to do the same, thus all space is covered and then
can me munged into whatever will enforce the use be it router based
signed advertisements or an out of band system that applies controls
to the routers directly or via a humanoid.