Route It Or Lose It

What a friendly, helpful place the modern Internet is!

Like the forrest floor, its an ecosystem where things don't go
to waste.

If you happen to inadvertantly leave your shiny /18 IPv4 block
lying around, don't worry. It won't be long before some helpful
Bulgarian, Romania, Ukranian or Russian will happen by, notice
that you failed to route it, and then fix that for you, at no
charge, and without you even having to ask. Then, as a bonus,
also at no charge, he'll fill it to the brim with snowshoe spammers
for you! How helpful! (VietNam) -> AS44814 (Bulgaria)

Well what else would you expect from todays information age. It’s like leaving a $100.00 bill on the sidewalk and expecting it to be there the following day.

More like $2,621,440.00. Certainly too attractive to pass up!