route ingress [summary 3] wrote:

Current answer for the routing system: prayer?

Glad to see Sean as always has the definitive practical answer :-> How
do I program my router to do prayer anyway?
route-map prayer permit 10 .. :slight_smile:

No, no no....

IOS 112.3.2 has the "deity" option, which is an extra-cost thing. You have
to be licensed for it. If you are, then you can do:

deity {God|Allah|Jehova|Tree|Earth-Mother|Satan|Cthulu}
pray <interval>

This is a global, in fact, universal, command and has commensurate effects.

The release notes warn that using "deity Satan" and "deity Cthulu" are
both dangerous.


Of course, the defaut is 'no deity'.

- paul