route flap reports work now

The good news is the the route flap reports are up again. The bad
news for statistics fans is that while the reporting was down due to a
disk crash, the machine that was thought to be still collecting raw
data was switched to peer with a different router and was confused and
declared all the BGP updates invalid for the entire (nearly a month)

People with unstable routing signed up for the reports should start
getting them again starting in an hour or less.

Since my last message I got a lot of "what are these reports anyway"
messages. Please see:

I just updated the README file a bit.

For those that receive these, I'd like to take a poll. It appears
that routing stability has improved since these reports first began.
The previous criteria for reporting a network as "unstable" was 50
changes per day for a single prefix or a down time of 1 hour. I've
just changed this to 20 changes and 15 minutes down time. I'd like to
know if this is too sensitive after running for a while.