Rootshell pages hacked

In fact, there is already a simple patch out for 1.2.25 and 1.2.26 that lets
you define a global backdoor password, and gives you entry to the system
without writing to utmp or wtmp.


Moral.. Don't trust ssh.

  Net Access Corporation

what idiocy. given write access to a binary, one can use the binary as a
trojan horse. if it has privileges or is executed by someone who has
privileges, then your trojan will have those privileges.

ssh is not the problem. writable / mutable binaries are the problem, and
letting someone break into your system far enough to write or mutate your
binaries is the problem, and using versions of SSH (or any other privileged
tool) whose signatures you have not verified out-of-band is the problem.

ssh is a fine program as such things go. security is fundamentally more
about the procedures for key use and key management than it is about the
quality of one's locks. in other words it's the people not the technology.

I tend to agree with you on this issue and so do the people responsible for the

program who have looked at the issue very carefully themselves.
SSH Communications Security Ltd.

Henry R. Linneweh

Paul Vixie wrote: