Root Servers Request

: This is a formal request to ICANN that they hand over the root server to a
: not-for-profit organization. I nominate ISC for this task.

And here, I had thought that most of *.ROOT-SERVERS.NET. were ISC-sponsored,
mostly not-for-profit/academic/subsidized servers as it was. To be sure,
VeriSign does not control the majority of such servers. :sunglasses:

Nope. VSGN - A, J
       ISI/EP - B
       Cogent - C
       UMD - D
       NASA - E
       ISC - F
       DISA - G
       USArmy - H
       Autonomica - I (se)
       RIPE - K (nl)
       ICANN - L
       WIDE - M (jp)

  ISC controls -one- instance. With anycast, they have lots of
  copies of "F", but ISC does not sponser any of the other operators
  or their operations.

: Nope. VSGN - A, J
: ISI/EP - B
: Cogent - C
: UMD - D
: NASA - E
: ISC - F
: DISA - G
: USArmy - H
: Autonomica - I (se)
: RIPE - K (nl)
: WIDE - M (jp)

There isn't major vested commercial interest, which was what I was
attempting to convey. While there are some for-profit corporations here,
their involvement is not paramount over the whole of the group.