root server update

hm. i count 10% of initial queries failing with a domain doesn't exist
error, and that information then being cached so subsequent queries
always fail, as being, as i said, a rather major problem. earthshaking,
no; major, yes. many servers, in this instance, helps, but because the
problem manifested itself as a root server not being *down*, but
returning actually false information, the redundancy of the root
servers meant that the odds were lower of failure, not that failure was
avoided. a lot of mail was bouncing ("host unknown", on valid hosts),
and a lot of queries were failing.

am i "soooo important"? no. and i can flush my nameserver's cache to
take care of a 1 in 10 problem looking up a site i'm trying to look up.
but my users, and yours, are so important.

and, happily, mr. fields, on his way to bed in maryland last night,
wasn't so condescending.

-Qarin Van Brink