Root Server Operators (Re: What *are* they smoking?)

"Robert A. Hayden" <> 9/16/03 2:07:08 PM >>>

How about, 'Internet Operators Across North America Struggle to Deal


Impact of Business Decision: Internet Functionality Worldwide
Tampered With by Verisign'? There doesn't really appear to be a


decision to do one thing, there's a lot of bandying ideas around,


'wouldn't-it-be-cool-if's being thrown out.

Given the technical nature of the issue perhaps someone from the list
with excellent writing skills could author the 'press release'. Then, if
someone else has some media or press contacts they could simply pass the
release along to them. To be sure, that idea has a few problems but at
least you have a chance to make sure the release contains factual
information while still conveying the importance of the issue, two
things that wouldn't be guaranteed if this were written up by a
non-technical member of the press.

Anybody know someone that works for AP or Reuters? Or maybe Wall
Street Journal? :slight_smile: