root name servers

> Although I agree that ALL RNS's shouldn't be run by a single organization,
> I would not have a problem with the RNS's at the XP's being run by the RADB
> group.

I would. Elise and her team are experts at what they do, but running a root
name server is not quite the same thing.

That is quite true. However, I have set up a couple of "un-official" root
name servers for clients of mine who had HEAVY lookup traffic. It has worked
quite well, and didn't seem substantially different from running an ISP nameserver
that was secondary for a whole bunch of customer domains. I'm pretty sure that
Elise and her team have the knowledge to run DNS generally, and could be capable
of running a RNS with very little training. Alternatively, I am sure that
something could be worked out. The point is that I think there is a lot of
merit to placing RNS's at XP's where no provider at the XP has to traverse
another provider to do root-level resolutions. Basically, if that works,
you have a situation where if you loose nameservice, it's probably the least
of your problems.