Root name server

"Dave Haywood" writes:

  I need to setup an internal root name server in my private network. I am
using bind v8.1.1 (Solaris 2.5.1). Does anyone have any pointers on how to
achieve this?

  For those of you not already asleep, the primary nameserver for the root
domain and the organisation domain are the same server (I know this is a bad
idea but that's just how it is).

What do you mean, "that is how it is"?

The nameserver starts up OK (no errors) but when I query the
nameserver (dig xxx) it returns zero responses.

You haven't explained the problem very well. What do you mean by an
"internal root"? Do you have a server serving "."? If so, are your
internal records immediately under "." or are they under a more
reasonable spot? Why are you doing this in the first place?