Root DNS Server Issues?

> We're getting responses from the root servers, the names


> aren't resolving. From a windows NT machine the error

is "Non-

> existent Domain".

You still haven't told us what you are trying to look up and

what exact error

you are getting.

Until you do that, nobody is going to be able to provide you

with any kind of

real answer.


This was my mistake. My desktop was sending out a request that
didn't get a valid response, so it then sent a second request
with out internal domain appended to the original request and
*that* is what generated an actual error.

So, we're not getting a specific error response, it's just that
the responses are being truncated to 128 bytes even though the
IP header says that they all should be longer.

I think this is occurring because I'm being a dork and trying
to do an nslookup on a root server and they're not designed for
that. An nslookup directed at another ISP's name server seems
to work just fine so the problem must lie in our own DNS server.

Nothing was changed recently and that is the perplexing
issues. It just appeared that it couldn't reach any of the
root servers, so we--being unwashed and unschooled--went
barking up the wrong tree.

My apologies, and I'll get back to hounding our DNS admin. :-0