Rogers Canada using for internal address space

Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 00:22:36 -0400

> Now, the onus is on the DoD to make its content available over unique
> IPv6 space so that the Roger's customers can get to it using the
> 6to4-PMT solution. There is always a solution.

Which they should be ready to do already, since didn't the US Govt.
mandate IPv6 support sometime last century? :wink:

Not really. "Backbone networks" were required tobe IPv6 capable back
last decade, but no requirement for any end systems or services. (Nor
was "backbone network" defined.)

By October 1, 2012 all public services (web, mail, and DNS) must be IPv6
capable and reachable using native IPv6 via all carriers being used for
public access. By October 1, 2014 all U.S. government services and
networks must support IPv6.

No tunnels. No special names for IPv6 services. It also includes any
government sponsored services that are contracted out and government

Both some DOD and civilian network have been IPv6 capable for some
years, there was no requirement for it.