Rochelle Park and North Carolina

Bell Atlantic indicates 95%-99% of the telephone service should be
restored from their New Jersey Rochelle Park office by 9am Monday morning. Bell Atlantic and AT&T Wireless, who also has equipment
in the same building, have put updates on their web sites and issued media releases about their progress. Apparently in the past BA had
used a half-dozen pumps to keep the water out of the building, but
residents in the area complained that practice made the flooding
worse in their houses, so they weren't used this time.

At its peak, 99 Bell Atlantic reported central offices on backup power.

Something to watch out for the next few days in North Carolina. Due
to road damage from flooding, diesel deliveries are iffy in much of
eastern North Carolina. Unless power is restored, some facility
generators may run dry.

Either this is just me, or: I am seeing nothing but a bunch
of "null connects" from , the host at NSI
that mails out most domain and host updates (and requests).
The last successful mails from mts2 and mts1, seem to be
at least 2 days old.

I also have trouble getting host modifications through - something
that has become critical as networks are getting renumbered at
an ever faster and busy pace.

Meanwhile, domain registrations are coming back as complete in
20-60 minutes. What's up with the host template processing ?

Anyone else wishing to comment how unpredicatable host registration
times are messing up their renumbering schedules and plans (there
is instances where serving both old and new IP numbers for registered
hosts is impractical, mostly due to neighboring machines in the
network not being able to reach said servers, as they had to be
relocated with /32 routes carried around the IGP to make them
visible to the rest of the AS) ?