Roaring Penguin - Re: PPPoE server software?

Hi Matt,

I recalled reading a PPPoE thread on a list a few months ago, so I grepped
around and found something on the Mid-Atlantic LUG archives:

At that page, Billy Ball breifly sketches out how you can set up PPPoE
with tools from roaring penguin:

If you can't find everything you were looking for on the roaring penguin
page, and msg00229, you might find tweaks in the PPPoE threads here:

I hope the two first URLs give you the PPPoE server leads you were looking


PS- sorry if you got this twice. Had probs posting to list.

linux kernel 2.4 supports (for some flavors of "support", i suppose)
PPPOE in the kernel. i think suse 7.1 is the only non-beta, shipping
2.4-kernel-enabled distribution available at retail at the moment.

also, just try google. there are thousands of hits; the first page or
two seems to have all the information you might want regarding "pppoe linux".