RoadRunner Tampa Bay - IP Multicast enabled?

Is it on the Mbone?

Replies off-list please, if you are certain either way.

-- jra


I am looking at rolling out IPv6 in the access.

My platform does DHCP Option 82 for geolocating customer MACs to certain ports of multi-port layer 2 demarcation devices.

What is the IPv6 version of that ?


I'm honestly not sure, but, check RFCs:

  4580 (Relay Agent Subscriber-ID)
  5007 (Various LQ related Options, including OPTION_LQ_RELAY_DATA)


Or even 3315 (INTERFACE ID). It seems to suit here.

This Cisco whitepaper makes it look like it's Remote-ID (See section
Useful DHCPv6 deployment features and options):


Perhaps LDRA (Lightweight DHCP relay agent)?