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:: But it is not that simple in the real corporate world.
:: Execs have bonus targets.

Why would an exec care? Ipv6 is just normal work like ipv4.

No, you have to make purchases and have folks across the
company do work to get everything going. Refocusing folks
work on deploying IPv6 to everything (rather than, say,
getting that shiny new Nokia 7750 deployed so we can sell
more services) costs money. Ancient boxen are out here
and don’t support aye pee vee six well or at all. Getting
ones that do costs money. Training lower level folks takes
them away from their current work and costs money. Etc.

This is known as “too hungry to eat” or something similar about failing to help yourself

::> - Modifying old (ancient) internal code;
:: Ancient in 2019 means what? Is this code not in security
:: compliance ?

I recently started back with a company after being gone nine
years. My code was still running and no one in neteng had
the knowledge of how to do anything with it much less to try
to write in IPv6 sections. To take an SA and look into the
networking code I wrote takes them away from things they
need to do to sell services. That costs money.

What Sabri wrote hit home here. Folks are not looking into
it and will wait until forced to do so. Then said companies
will be behind the ball in a big way, but that it what it is
here and in the other companies I worked for.

We agree, neglecting ipv6 is a bad business decision

A lot of this read to me as flippant. You don’t seem to be
willing to listen to those of us out here on the raggedy
edges. I’ve said what Sabri said at least a few times on this

Sabri volunteered the information that they are an MBA at a large eyeball network with 20 teams… , not the “raggedy edge”, they said something about executive bonus alignment being the key problem…

That said, speaking of not being listened too, this artifact is useful as it squarely raises the business risk in no uncertain terms.

Business risk is mitigated or accepted … for the last 10 years. Folks / orgs make decisions and deal with the consequence.

My reality is that, at scale, ipv4 is winnowing longtail. The majority of real bits/s and dollars are in ipv6. Ymmv. But i reject vehemently the notion that v6 vanity project with no obvious business case / roi (Another misstatement by Sabri).

If your business is dysfunctional, that is a different issue from ipv6 being dysfunctional.

Scott Weeks wrote :
A lot of this read to me as flippant. You don't seem to be willing to listen to those of us out here on the raggedy edges.

And there are lots of us.

I've said what Sabri said at least a few times on this list.



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Sounds like your company is about to go offline. So I will say bye bye for now just in case it happens faster than you expected.


You drew the wrong conclusions. I wrote: "I have some inside knowledge about the IPv6 efforts of a large eyeball network". I also have similar knowledge of a large worldwide e-commerce enterprise, with similar challenges.

I've been a JNCIE since 2007 and have worked for 3 different network gear vendors in a technical capacity. The MBA (which I earned this year) just helps understand the business side of things. I can recommend it to anyone, even if you have no aspirations for management roles.