RIPE Atlas probe available on SpaceX Starlink beta terminal

I am running what I believe to be the first RIPE Atlas probe on a Starlink beta test terminal.

When searching the index of public probes I did not find any other probes with “spacex” or “starlink” in the descriptions.

This probe is at present not contained within AS14593 (Starlink). All beta test terminals that I am aware of right now, including my own, are in cgnat IP space and meet the public Internet via AS36492 (Google).

This particular terminal is topologically closest to things at major IX points in the metro Seattle area. The absolute lowest ping time I’ve seen to something at the Westin is 15.85ms, with averages more often between 21-32ms.

The site where this is installed will occasionally conduct other, non Atlas related tests which result in full saturation of the upstream or downstream connection, simulating a number of different types of real world use cases. This means that occasionally the RTT ping to things in Seattle may rise as high as 150ms, and artificially-induced packet loss will be introduced into the connection.

Please feel free to contact me off-list with any questions.