RFC781 timestamp

Has anyone tried to get timestamp from routers by RFC781 ip timestamp
Or is their any tool that utilizes this IP option?

I've modified ping progam so that IP timestamp option is set, but:

(1) If option flag is set to 3 (i.e. timestamp for only prespecified
addresses), it seems all routers simply ignore it.

(2) If option flag is set to 1 (i.e. address and timestamp all the
way), routers actually do timestamping.

Especially when I ping a ROUTER itself with flag=3 timestamp option,
with their own address prespecified, no router seems to give their
timestamp. But when I ping a HOST (I 've tried Solaris,FreeBSD) it
does answer.

CISCO documentation says IP timestamp option is implemented, so I'm


Thanks for reply;

> If I remember correctly, that service is part of tcp-small-servers (or maybe
> udp-smaller-servers) which most people have disabled due to the potential
> for exploitation in DOS attacks.

I think {tcp|udp}-small-servers is for configuring "small" services like
echo,discard, and so on ...

I've seen that for many routers IP timestamp option is enabled at
least for flag = 1.