RFC6598 in AWS?

Hey folks,

We've filed a support ticket to find out the supported level for this
range, but I wanted to see if there was anyone out there who'd experienced
using the space in AWS?



The Carrier NAT space? The only difference between that and RFC1918
space is that when you have an address conflict with a third party
using it is 100% entirely your fault for
misappropriating it.

Generally speaking, should not be assigned to servers,
only client machines. Assigning it to servers creates a probability of
conflict that the space was meant to solve.

Bill Herrin


I fully agree with William and it's used in AWS infrastructure (VPC
Internet GW IIRW).

Best regards,

Thanks All, That was my understanding and research as well. Further, I have
heard back directly from AWS and they have stated that while "yes"
technically you can use it, you are prone to dns routing issues at the very
least and should not expect everything to "just work" as it would with

Appreciate the feedback. Case closed.