RFC perl util

I felt there was a hole that needed to be filled as far as searching rfc's
from a console. We have whois and nslookup right at our finger tips, why
not all the rfc's? :slight_smile:

the util will let you search the rfc-index for a string and return all the
related rfc's. You can then throw in a -l switch to view it, or -d to
dump it to file for offline viewing.

it's made my life easier, so i thought i'd pass it on to the public. if
you have problem with a slow web server us the -w and -u options to change
and update the servers respectively.

I've tested it on all the BSD's w/o a problem but i don't use my sunbox
much at all so it has no perl, but i have received mail from some sun
users saying it works w/o a problem. One user mentioned that he had to
change the calls to egrep to use 'gegrep'. Next release won't use grep's
at all so it will be completley portable.

any feedback/suggestions are sincerely appreciated. i feel if you're on
this list, then you should have this util.

happy hacking!

riddlebox:/home/freix/devel/perl$ rfc
rfc v1.6: perl util to search the rfc-index and disply the pages with lynx
usage: rfc # search rfc-index for specified RFC and list topic
        rfc -d # /path/ (optional) dumps plain text RFC. default is current dir
        rfc -e go wild with your own regexp on rfc-index
        rfc -h displays this stuff
        rfc -i updates the /etc/rfc-index via lynx
        rfc -k keyword; same as -s
        rfc -l # spawns lynx to the specified RFC
        rfc -s "string" to search for in the index
        rfc -u # sets the base URL to the number listed with -w
        rfc -w lists the available webservers to display
comments/bugfixes mailto: rfc@dewn.com