RFC 1466 and Cidr bloc shortage

Is this enough such that with one or two such blocs a new registry could
be formed??

This begs the question of why a new registry would be needed.

For the moment, the rs.internic.net people are doing a pretty
good job of being a registry and trying to help make the
Internet work in the presence of conflicting influences (the
NSF, the IAB, the big carriers, the small providers,
alliances among various combinations of the four of these,
and so on) and goals (just doing registration itself,
avoiding early exhaustion of the IPv4 address space, and
working to help keep routers from keeling over with too
many routes).

I'm pretty happy with most of the other registries too.

There is obviously room for improvement, however, I think
things are trending in the right direction now in this
brave new post-IETF CIDRD wg world.