Revealed: NSA program collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'

Tin foil hat Wednesday, limited supplies.

Revealed: NSA program collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'

- Have I read it correctly. Can then break into a vpn connection,
then leach documents that a german in pakistan is sending to his
office in germany?
- So excel documents store MAC address?... time to set them to random
numbers :smiley:
- What is the red dots in the bottom of the map? satellites? penguin
powered servers on the south pole?
- The document make it looks like this exist to spy religious
terrorist and industrial espionage. But who know. Woah, thats a lot
of red dots in europe. Must be to protect the europeans.

Interesting that they are showing screen captures of a ppt file.


I would guess that it's becasuse many VPN services still support PPTP which can be attacked as outlined here:


Don't forget Theo DeRaadt's email about IPSec!

And how many people utilize a VPN for site to site? You can convince me you can spin up an Ipsec connection, but at that point your "originating gateway" changed from your way to the Internet to the VPN's way. Either.. Way.. You still head out in clear channel Internet and get owned elsewhere. I can't see a giant "this doesn't work here" sign on much except for Tor.

I'll make this short. Is our OpenVPN server prone?

prone to what exactly?

If you mean your connection to the server then I would say no but the server to other servers is a different story.

if you sent pictures it's surelybe easier to tell if it were prone, or