Results of North American NOC contact information verification

I recently tried to verify the contact information for all of the
USA peers of DRA. I did this by calling the phone number given
when we first established peering, either by e-mail or on the
written peering agreement, as modified by the last update of
contact information received from the peer. Considering some of
the information was nearly two years old, it was better than
I thought.

All calls were during normal USA business hours, so after-hour
contacts weren't verified. I checked there was no major Internet
outages reported before calling so I didn't interrupt extrem NOC

In the script I used, I identified myself, identified DRA as a "Peer"
of the ISP at XYZ exchange points, and asked to confirm the telephone
number and e-mail address of the ISP's network operation center. If
necessary I explained what a network operations center was, or asked
who I should call to report a network problem. I didn't require access
to the network engineering staff. A customer service person was Ok as
long as they could confirm the correct telephone number for reporting
network problems and e-mail address for the NOC.

  21 Eventually reached NOC or someone who knew what a NOC was and
       could take a trouble report, some voicemail systems are
       horrendous to navigate. Longest time to reach a NOC
       was 20 minutes, average was about three rings.

    We're making progress, only three NOCs reported they
    had only 1-800/1-888 numbers. All the rest had some
    kind of direct dial phone number.

   Successes, but will eventually become failures
  3 reached NOC after area code change/same exchange & number
  2 reached NOC after telephone number changed with recording

  6 disconnected/not in service/no new number
        (growing fast due to end of permissive area code
         changes in some parts of the country)
  3 number assigned to unrelated telephone subscriber
  1 ring/no answer (3 minutes before telco cut off the call)
  1 voicemail but no access without Touch Toning a customer
       account number which I didn't have
  5 voicemail/human receptionist message, call never returned
        (maybe a success, unknown if calls returned, but my
         side failed or if they will return the call later)
  2 voicemail but never given a chance to leave a message
        before hangup
  3 reached human who didn't know how to reach the NOC nor
       take a problem report, but did answer the phone with the
       listed company name

There really isn't any ISP size/problem correlation except the larger
the ISP, the more likely they have a voicemail system from hell. If I
hear that my call may be monitored for quality assurance one more time,
I may scream.

Surprisingly only 4 people asked for my contact information for their