restricted hotel block

is anyone aware of any conference other than nanog which does

    Online Reservations: (Open exclusively to NANOG Members only from
    December 2 - December 16)


Online reservations? Yes

Exclusively only reservations? Yes

Restricted to a 2 week window? No - I’d guess this was to keep it from being so open ended and increase the cost of running the show.

Which hotel was that? I might want to go, just to take advantage of the discount… :slight_smile:


I believe this isn’t anything that the Hotel is doing… It’s NANOG giving members a two-week head start on the hotel block and not announcing it to non-members until the end of that two weeks so that members get first crack at rooms in the hotel block arranged for the conference.

To the best of my knowledge, there’s nothing special about this as far as the hotel is concerned… It’s just about timing how NANOG announces it to the members and then later to the rest of the world.