Response to NOI from NTIA on DNA

You wrote:

Hello Mr. Ashworth - As you've seen on the NANOG Web pages, an Acceptable
Use Policy was established for the mailing list at the June 1997 Tampa
meeting (see So that we can follow the
guidelines of the AUP, we'd like to ask that you post future messages
about this topic to or one of the other DNS-specific mailing
lists. You'll find a selection of these lists on Merit's "Resources for
ISPs" Web page ( Thanks in
advance for your cooperation.

I guess I _am_ the only one who thinks that the government sticking
it's nose into how we run our networks is more important than minor
squabbles on whether Rickard's measurement methodologies are sound, or

It's worthy of note that, on this not exactly low traffic mailing list,
I _posted_ a request first, and only got one reply in 24 hours: Dave Crocker,
saying "sure, go ahead".


-- jra