RESOLVED Re: sorta-OT graph snmp values

Thanks to everyone for the help! :slight_smile: Especially to Brian Sherwood who helped me finally figure it out. I didn't "set terminal png" because I didn't have a terminal connected to the Solaris box and wasn't using X. However, this needs to be set anyway. Also, "set output graph.png" needs to go *before* the plot statement.

The data I mentioned earlier is in /export/home/router/erx-cpu-util/36w/util.txt

Here is the very brief gnuplot program that now works:

-bash-3.00$ cat graph-36w-cpu.plt


set terminal gif

set ylabel "Percent CPU Utilization"

set xlabel "time"

set output '/export/home/router/erx-cpu-util/gnuplot/36w-cpu-util.gif'

plot '/export/home/router/erx-cpu-util/36w/util.txt' using 1:2 title "card1" smooth csplines, '/export/home/router/erx-cpu-util/36w/util.txt' using 1:3 title "card1" smooth csplines

Thanks again,