Residential VSAT experiences?

Two-way satellite systems based on SV's in geostationary orbit (like
the two you're considering) have high latency. 22,000 miles out,
another 22,000 miles back and do it again for the return packet.
You'll start around 500ms latency and go up from there. Any kind of
interactive session (like SSH and RDP) will be excruciating.

SSH client/server authors would do well to learn the lessons of telnet line mode.

As would authors of 'interactive' command line applications. The NVT concept is still useful in this day and age, far beyond the LA36. (I.e., if the termcap entry says 'dumb', honour it. There is a damn good reason we are saying 'turn off the bling'.)


Too bad the RCTE Telnet option never got popular...