Reserved ASN 64702, 6to4, 2 ghosts, other oddities and still no working contacts...



People might want to filter on private ASN's also
when that ASN is being used as "transit"...

2001:a40::/32 AS64702 is reserved (path: 15516 3257 2497 4697 2914 10109 4538 4787 64702 20646 8763 5539 1930 9186) Ghost Route (14/12)
3ffe:3500::/24 3ffe:4005:fefe:: 25396 1752 10109 4538 4787 64702 20646 8319

We still have these 6to4 specifics btw:
2002:c2b1:d06e::/48 More specific 6to4 prefix ( from AS5408
2002:c8a2::/33 More specific 6to4 prefix ( from AS15180
2002:c8c6:4000::/34 More specific 6to4 prefix ( from AS15180
2002:c8ca:7000::/36 More specific 6to4 prefix ( from AS15180

And nopes, no contact has been made yet, apparently having
your email address listed in the registry frees you of any

Another funny one:
3ffe:3::/32 Subnet of 3ffe::/24 Mismatching origin ASN,
                         should be 4555 (now: 29216)
While there also is an announcement for:
2001:7fe::/32 I-rootserver-net-20030916

The ghosts of this month:
Both with "10318 5623" common in their paths, obvious isn't it ?

Oh and yes, still no contact from anybody at nortel, apparently
that company doesn't know what IPv6 is. AS10318 (check above also)
is still announcing *their* block and still haven't made any comment
or reply back whatsoever. AS10318 have their own pTLA but apparently
are not contactable for that pTLA either. If anybody knows someone
alive for 3ffe:1300::/24 or AS762 or AS10318 please notify them.

Maybe posting to nanog raises some people from sleep. Mailing
the whois contacts directly doesn't help apparently.