Rescheduled: P2P file sharing national security and personal security risks

Not sure what is scarier the money to influence government or the money spent on litigation. The latest tactic is using a legal bit called self help. Usually self help is used if someone steals your car and you find it in their driveway, you can trespass on their property to retrieve your property.

The RIAA version of this is they can hack into p2p systems and spike files, tamper with search results, and generally wreak havoc on anything that has a copyrighted file on it. Even scarier I was listening to a panel of lawyers who all thought this was a great idea.

It did not seem to bother them at all that these actions would/could wreck the system for all the legitmate users or that the burden of proving that legit systems had been hacked/screwed would be on the system owner and not the RIAA. Maybe we should set up tire shredders on the interstate and then check all the wrecked cars to see if they were stolen or carrying drugs.